I Was Thinking We Could Go Do Something Dirty (5x16 reaction fic NC-17)


(Oh yes, we’ve reached the point where I’m naming klaine fic after a Gay Pimp song. If you expected better from me I regret to inform you that you’ve been following the wrong person all along.)

Blaine’s scrubbing a towel over his head and tugs it down to find Sam standing outside the bathroom door, waiting for his turn in the shower. “It’s okay, I didn’t take all the hot water,” he promises.

"Whew, good. I’ve got this audition today, they’ve emailed me like four times and it sounds weirder and weirder with each one - I just wanna be as clean and normal as possible, and also whoa."

"Whoa?" Blaine’s face scrunches in confusion, but Sam’s already got one hand hovering over the surface of the skin on his shoulder, and it makes contact as he slides down to Blaine’s upper arm, all the way to his elbow.

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My Note From Darren!!!


I also thought some people might like to see what I got in the mail! It was the cutest note and letter I have ever received. I cried so much and was so grateful! When he told me to “Be strong!” in it, it hit me right in the heart. I felt special and really really loved, and I felt Darren really understood me and wanted to hear my story. Thanks, Dare, for doing this! It meant so much!!image

Anonymous asked : okay Donna Noble or Amy Pond :)

Track Title: Blame It On the Girls

Artist: Mika

Album: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (Deluxe Edition)


blame it on the girls // mika

blame it on the girls who know what to do
blame it on the boys who keep hitting on you
blame it on your mother for the things she said
blame it on your father, but you know he’s dead



Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x


i have this headcanon where mcgonagall gives sirius a detention on the night of quidditch practice or something and he goes ‘are you fucking serious’ and mcgonagall goes ‘no mr black but i think youll find mr lupin is’ and sirius and remus go bright red and james cannot control his laughter and probably gets sent out of the classroom for disrupting the lesson


anonymous prompted: [gets down on my knees and begs] i need a 5.16 reaction fic where kurt and blaine watch porn and jerk off together and blaine comes on his stomach and kurt licks it off please oh please

Kurt can’t believe that they’re going to be doing this. He has no problem with watching porn, per se—thanks to his move to New York and then his and Blaine’s momentary separation he’s guilty of it, has watched enough to know his own likes and dislikes. And porn isn’t as bad as Kurt’s first few hesitant (and scarring) forays into it now that he knows where to look and what to avoid.

He shifts on Blaine’s bed, looks towards the door. They’d decided on Blaine’s place, because Sam and Mercedes are going to be gone all evening, and having an actual bedroom with an actual locking door seems prudent for their first time—god, watching porn together.

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